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In-house facilities

  • Information on the conference room

    There is a multipurpose hall with facilities and various conference rooms.
    Since it can be used widely, including parties, banquets and conferences,
    Please feel free to contact us.
    【About usage time】
    In principle, thank you in the time from 10 am to 5 pm.
    In addition, please use from 2 hours or more.
    ※However, there are times when we can not accept depending on the situation.
    • Banquet rooms

      ●Conference Room Price List, ※Sorted by number of people(Character form of bold)(School format)
      Room A: 4,320 yen, 12 people, 18 people
      Room B: 4,320 yen, 12 people, 24 people
      Room C: ¥ 7,560, 24 people, 30 people
      A · B room: 8,640 yen, 26 people, 36 people
      A · B · C room: 11,880 yen, 40 people, 70 people

      About meals
      ¥ 1,620 yen from Makunouchi lunch box etc.
      ●coffee… 440 yen
      ●Black tea 440 yen
      ●juice… 380 yen
      ●iced coffee… 440 yen
      ●Mineral water(PET bottles)... 380 yen
      ●tea·Oolong Tea(PET bottles)... 440 yen
      The price is tax-included price.
      ●projector… ¥ 6,480(tax included)
      ●screen… ¥ 6,480(tax included)
      ※After the conference, we accept banquets and parties such as social gatherings.
       Please do not hesitate to ask us your budget.
  • Room amenities

    • Amenities

      ■Tea set
      We prepare green tea packs in all rooms.

      We have a set of toothpaste and toothbrush.

      ■A razor(leather)
      We are preparing disposable razors.

      ■Rinse in shampoo · Body soap
      We offer rinse in shampoo and body soap in all rooms.

      ■Towel / bath towel
      We have face towels and bath towels in every room.

      Yukata is available for relaxing comfort in your room.
  • Guest Room Equipment

    • ■In-facility WiFi environment·LAN connection machine free rental

      ■In-facility WiFi environment
      You can use the internet in the room with wireless LAN such as PC, smartphone etc.
      For customers who do not have wireless handset, there is also a loan machine.

      ■LAN connection machine free rental
      You can connect wired LAN to your PC.
      Wireless LAN connection machine will be rented at the front desk.
      ※There is no PC rental to the room.
    • ■trouser presser

      Trouser presses are installed in some rooms.【Installation room】 Room 601, Room 607 to 609
    • ■Humidifier rental

      We will lend a humidifier to those concerned about the drying of the guest room etc.Please contact the front desk if you wish to rent.
    • ■refrigerator(Sky)

      The refrigerator in the room is empty so that you can use it freely.
      On the first floor vending machine we sell beer and juice.
    • ■Duvet(Du vegetate)

      We have adopted a down duvet (duveiste) so that you can have a good night's sleep comfortably.【Installation room】Room 601 to 609
    • ■Air cleaner equipped

      We are permanently installed in some rooms.【Permanent rooms】 Room 601 to 609
    • ■Warm water washing toilet seat

      We adopt hot-water toilet seat in all rooms.
    • ■kettle, Hairdryer

      All the rooms are in stock.
    • ■tv set

      It is installed in all rooms.Please feel free to visit.
    • ■Room phone

      It is installed in all rooms.You can use it when you are in front desk etc.
  • PC

    We installed one PC before the lobby.
    • PC

      the internet, Printer is equipped