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Banquet Plan

  • About Banquet plan

    At I · K Hotel, we organize various banquet seats according to the banquet and the budget
    We gorgeous directing at great plan
    Both families meetings and congratulations, celebration such as 60's, 60's, Kikusu, Rice and Hisaki, hobby
    Please use for celebrations of special anniversaries and important milestones such as gatherings, various celebrations, anniversaries and other birthdays.
    Contact information: TEL: 095-827-1221
    • Banquet plan menu

      small bowl

      --- / Chinese food jellyfish vegetables / Chinese jellyfish friends vegetables


      (Common)Hokkaido yellowish sushi, Rape blossoms white vinegar, Hug leather | New length, Young bird kimpira roll, Sanma kombushi roll


      Roast Beef / Whale Sanity / Whale


      Local fish sashimi / local fish sashimi two products Sheng / local fish sashimi three goods Sheng

      Bowl objects


      Grilled Dish

      Grilled salmon and wooden child's foil / grilled salmon and tree child's foil / lobster's salad grill


      (Common)Steamed eel

      Change pot

      --- / cow dice steak / beef dice steak

      Fried food

      (Common)Shrimp horse, Bird cornflakes lifting, Sweet potato kanoko / shishito or, Assorted tempura

      Stop bowl

      (Common)Crab miso soup

      Pickled Vegetables

      (Common)Three types




      (Common)Seasonal Fruits
      3,100 yen / 4,100 yen / 5,200 yen