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Nagasaki I · K Hotel


7-17 Ebisu Town, Nagasaki City

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JR Nagasaki Station is a 5-minute walk from JR Nagasaki Station and a 2-minute walk from Gotomachi Station.Nagasaki Expressway Nagasaki IC, 5 minutes by car, via the Dejiima Road.
Nagasaki Station is 5 minutes on foot from Nagasaki Station.Comfortable access at the center of Nagasaki City center!
  • how to access

    ● 5 minutes on foot from Nagasaki Station ● 8 minutes on foot from the Ohato
    How to get to Nagasaki I · K Hotel
    Cross the footbridge from Nagasaki Station and get off on the opposite lane side of your right.

    From the post office:
    Go round the next corner that passed the front of Nagasaki Central Post Office and go straight ahead.

    From the direction of the train street:
    (The direction of the car is convenient here.Go straight ahead while looking at the train street on the right hand side and you will be on the left from there as there is a Nagasaki Toyota Motor.Turning the second corner, our signboard is at hand.
    ※Because it becomes a backstreet which enters a little from the main street, the first person may get lost a little.We will inform you by telephone so please feel free to call us.

    ● 5 minutes to JR Nagasaki Station (walk) ● 10 minutes to Glover Garden (car) ● 5 minutes to Ohato ferry terminal (walk) ● 3 minutes to Megane Bridge (car)
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Fukuoka
    Kyushu Expressway from Tosu JCT to Nagasaki Expressway ~ Nagasaki IC ~ Nagasaki Dejima Pay Road Take the end point to the Nagasaki Station towards the Nagasaki Station about 10 minutes

    Parking:Present(900 yen/Day)

    As there are limitations on the number of parking lots, in case of full car, we ask you to use a nearby toll parking lot.